In the wake of the 2016 presidential election, students at the University of Oregon believed that the climate of their campus was unstable and unwelcoming. In an effort to reset the campus environment, Reset the Code was born – a student-driven change initiative intended to unify the greater community. Reset garnered local and national news coverage, but tensions remained high on the UO campus, calling for a revitalized approach.


Continue to forge a more inclusive environment for students and university staff by creating a platform that emphasizes transparency and embraces all identities.


After looking through previous Reset campaign work, we conducted a university-wide survey to get a pulse on what students, faculty and admin thought about our campus environment. We used that to land on an insight that dictated our creative work:

Only through actively engaging with one another can we better communicate, understand and respect each other.


Account Manger: Camille Furby

Project Manager: Payton Crawford

Strategists: Nita Bhojwani, Xavie Tow, Me

Art Direction: Amanda Lucas, Brandon Bullas

Copywriter: Michael Robelli

Social Media Specialist: Jay Levesque

Media Planners: Julia Morgan, Maggie Elias

Producer: Henry Ammann