Menstrual periods are both a mundane fact of life and a highly stigmatized subject. Ideas surrounding the act of menstruation vary from culture to culture, but Period. The Movement, a youth-run non-profit, was founded on the belief that menstrual care is a basic right.


Assist Period. in organizing, hosting and covering the world’s first youth-run menstrual conference.


On November 18, 2017, I arrived at Ramscale Studio before the sun had come up in NYC. In the full day that followed, I helped to create and share content from panels of activists, scholars, educators and politicians who attended the conference. My photographs and video clips helped to bring awareness to the event and were shared by outlets like CNN.  Here are a few highlights:


While I was exposed to so many new topics and perspectives at this Menstrual Conference, one stood out, in particular: that of the community of LGBT and non-binary folks who menstruate. After returning to Oregon, I maintained communication with Portland Menstrual Society, a non-profit run out of Portland State University, and published a feature story on some of the group’s members a few months later.

Read my story here: