Aquatic fitness is an incredibly effective, low-impact way to exercise, but today, it’s stigmatized as something for seniors. AquaJogger, a company dedicated to improving health, fitness and sports performance, manufactures and sells a line of aquatic fitness equipment, but is struggling to reach a wider group of users.


Reposition AquaJogger to make it appealing to a younger, physically active audience.


We conducted primary and secondary research to understand the science behind aquatic fitness, current exercise trends and consumer behavior. We landed on the insight that active recovery fitness is the future of exercise, and used this to inform all creative executions and produced a campaign book that was presented to the client. Our team was selected as the winning one for this senior capstone advertising course, and AquaJogger is looking into implementing our strategic and creative work in the future. 

See our research deck and final pitch deck below:


Strategist: Me

Social Media Strategist: Caroline Ottoboni

Media Planner: Tommy Wang

Designer: Abby Mizera

Copywriter: Brandon Reichelt